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Our thanks to the open source developers

The development team at AdSpeed uses open source applications daily and to show our support to the great open source creators and developers, we are proud to dedicate a server in our ad server network with redundant bandwidth to host a variety of open source mirrors. This server has been online since 2006. Following is the list of available mirrors:

  1. Apache: http://apache.hoxt.com/
  2. PuTTY: http://putty.hoxt.com/
  3. ProFTPD: http://proftpd.hoxt.com/
  4. Linux Virtual Server: http://lvs.hoxt.com/
  5. Linux Documentation Project: http://ldp.hoxt.com/
  6. cURL: http://curl.hoxt.com/
  7. CPAN: http://cpan.hoxt.com/
  8. OpenSSL: http://openssl.hoxt.com/
  9. PHP: http://php.hoxt.com/

rsync mirroring commands

These mirrors are created and synced with the following commands:

==> rsync.apache.sh <==
rsync -rtlzv --progress --delete rsync.apache.org::apache-dist /home/mirrors/apache

==> rsync.centos.sh <==
rsync --progress -azHv --delete --bwlimit=600 us-msync.centos.org::CentOS /home/mirrors/centos

==> rsync.cpan.sh <==
rsync --progress -av --delete rsync.nic.funet.fi::CPAN /home/mirrors/cpan

==> rsync.curl.sh <==
rsync --progress -r -t -z --delete "rsync://cool.haxx.se/curlweb/*" /home/mirrors/curl/
rsync --progress -z -t --delete "rsync://cool.haxx.se/curldownload/*" /home/mirrors/curl/download/

==> rsync.kde.sh <==
rsync --progress -za --timeout=3600 --delete rsync.kde.org::www /home/mirrors/kde

==> rsync.ldp.sh <==
rsync -rlptv --progress --delete ftp.ibiblio.org::ldp_mirror /home/mirrors/ldp

==> rsync.lvs.sh <==
rsync --progress -auvz --delete rsync.linuxvirtualserver.org::w3lvs /home/mirrors/lvs

==> rsync.mozilla.sh <==
rsync --progress -az --delete --delete-after ftp-rsync.mozilla.org::mozilla-releases/ /home/mirrors/mozilla

==> rsync.mysql.sh <==
rsync --progress -av --delete --delete-after rsync://mysql.mirrors.pair.com/mysql/ /home/mirrors/mysql

==> rsync.openssl.sh <==
rsync --progress -rztpv --delete rsync://ftp.openssl.org/openssl-ftp/ /home/mirrors/openssl/openssl-ftp
rsync --progress -rztpv --delete rsync://ftp.openssl.org/openssl-web/ /home/mirrors/openssl/openssl-web

==> rsync.php.sh <==
rsync -avzC --progress --timeout=600 --delete --delete-after --include='manual/en/' --include='manual/en/**' --exclude='manual/**' --exclude='distributions/**' --exclude='extra/**' rsync.php.net::phpweb /home/mirrors/php

==> rsync.proftpd.sh <==
rsync --progress --recursive --times --links --compress --delete rsync.proftpd.org::proftpd-www /home/mirrors/proftpd

==> rsync.putty.sh <==
rsync -auHv --progress rsync://rsync.chiark.greenend.org.uk/ftp/users/sgtatham/putty-website-mirror/ /home/mirrors/putty

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